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Zeet and CoreWeave Make It Simpler for AI Companies to Manage Kubernetes Infrastructure

Zeet and CoreWeave Make It Simpler for AI Companies to Manage Kubernetes Infrastructure

Cutting-edge cloud provider CoreWeave and integrated DevOps guru ZEET…


… team up for an incredible new partnership, formed to help innovators around the world excel…


…by tackling infrastructure, while increasing efficiency and achieving performance-adjusted compute costs.

Meet Zeet

Zeet is a state-of-the-art, integrated DevOps platform that runs on top of your cloud account, making it simple for developers to deploy code on production-grade infrastructure.

  • Build: Zeet is the best place to deploy any software into your cloud account, then scale quickly to millions of users. With Zeet’s built-in CI/CD and Git Integration, build servers are a thing of the past. And because Zeet works with every framework and language, clients can always bring their favorite tech stack, no compromise needed.
  • Scale: Zeet is with you at every scale, allowing you to start with one server and instantly scale to thousands across the world as your requirements change. Clients can transparently deploy across multiple clouds and choose between hundreds of edge locations all over the world to bring servers as close to their customers as possible.
  • Monitor: Zeet actively maintains and manages your service, protecting, monitoring and optimizing your cloud, with built-in HTTP and process status monitoring by default.

Zeet + CoreWeave

Together, Zeet and CoreWeave help innovators, creators and engineers around the world focus intently on what they do well – build ground-breaking products and applications. Our partnership allows companies to tap into the industry’s broadest selection of on-demand GPU compute resources and DevOps expertise while saving up to 80% compared to the large, generalized cloud providers.

Both Zeet and CoreWeave specialize in Kubernetes, and share a common goal to make it easier for customers to take advantage of the array of benefits associated with containerized workloads. Deploying Kubernetes allows for increased portability, less complexity and overall lower costs. CoreWeave's K8s-native infrastructure delivers the performance of bare-metal without the infrastructure overhead. By partnering with Zeet, we're reducing the infrastructure burden even further.

CoreWeave Cloud is Kubernetes-native and together with the Zeet team of Kubernetes engineers, we’re helping our clients scale and realize value faster without having to build an entire infrastructure engineering team of their own.

“The Zeet + CoreWeave partnership provides us with scalable, out-of-the-box solutions that drastically reduce the overhead required to manage our infrastructure, and a team of experts on our side to ensure we’re getting the best results possible. This allows us the freedom to focus on building and iterating our services while benefiting from fast spin up times, low latency and the ability to scale into the GPUs we need on-demand.”

— Matt Brockman, OthersideAI


Client Spotlight: OthersideAI

OthersideAI is reimagining how the world communicates. The company’s ground-breaking creation HyperWrite is an AI-powered writing assistant that enables the world to communicate faster and more effectively.

HyperWrite is able to produce natural human language through deep learning to help the world write better, faster and more accurately than ever before.

OthersideAI tapped Zeet to manage their infrastructure and code, so they can optimize deployments using Kubernetes.

To meet their compute needs, Otherside is leveraging CoreWeave in two ways. GooseAI is serving inference for HyperWrite, which reduces the need to worry about proper load balancing. Another significant benefit is the ability to co-locate HyperWrite/Otherside services in close proximity to the GPUs providing inference, which makes a big difference in minimizing latency for end users. 

Finetuning AI models can be overwhelmingly expensive to maintain, which is why Otherside is using CoreWeave Cloud. Its infrastructure is designed to deliver a massive scale of compute resources on-demand, and the range of GPU options allows Otherside to achieve performance-adjusted costs. 

Once users have fine-tuned HyperWrite to deliver the content-style they desire, the sky’s the limit. Users may employ HyperWrite to produce everything from sentence snippets to full paragraphs and harness it to rewrite sentences and sections for added oomph.

Helping people around the world communicate with superpowers – the OthersideAI, Zeet and CoreWeave partnership is off to a strong start.

“Zeet and CoreWeave allow our teams to focus on what we do best: helping the world communicate more effectively. Partnering with industry-leading DevOps and Kubernetes experts has helped us be more agile and innovate quickly – we couldn’t be happier working with Zeet and CoreWeave.”

— Matt Shumer, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder at OthersideAI

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