Ultramodern, high performance Networking

CoreWeave Cloud’s network architecture is designed to handle 100Tbps+ with a completely decentralized design, providing endless horizontal scaling of your workloads.

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Networking solutions to meet your needs

CoreWeave’s Kubernetes-native network design moves functionality into the network fabric, so you spend less time managing IPs and VLANs to get the performance and security you need. Still need flat layer-2 networking? Deploy CoreWeave VPC, giving you full control when your use case requires it.

  • Public Internet Connectivity

    Access the public internet via multiple global Tier 1 providers at up to 100Gbps per node. With regionally optimized transit providers, CoreWeave’s public connectivity provides low latency access to over 51 million people in the US.

  • Private Networking

    Leverage secure, ultra-fast private networking out of the box. Manage firewalling with Kubernetes network policies, or deploy VPC networking for a Layer 2 native environment.

  • Load Balancer services

    Deploy Load Balancer services for your applications to provide highly available, scalable infrastructure at no cost.

  • Custom configurations to meet your needs

    CoreWeave Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) returns control of networking to the user when management of a Layer 2 environment is required. This allows you to deploy a virtual firewall, terminate IPSec VPNs, manage routing, control IP addresses, etc. when you need to.

  • Unbeatable economics

    CoreWeave’s pricing model is transparent, simple, and radically different from other large cloud providers: we don’t charge for data transfers or egress. If you have unique needs, we’ll negotiate rates for reserved bandwidth with suppliers on your behalf.

CoreWeave Networking Solutions

  • Routing, switching, firewalling and load-balancing built into the network fabric
  • Infiniband GPUDirect RDMA (Bare Metal)
  • Private & Public IP Ranges
  • Load Balancer Services (internal & external)
  • Bare Metal Containers and Virtual Servers run in same network domain
  • Direct Connects and Cloud On-Ramps Available

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