Flexible, cloud-native and highly secure storage solutions

Create Block, Shared File System, and Object Storage volumes on CoreWeave, accessible via containers and Virtual Servers.

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Infrastructure that accelerates performance end-to-end

Depending on your workload, CoreWeave offers a range of storage options. CoreWeave Cloud Storage Volumes are built to provide high-availability, performant storage for your most demanding cloud native workloads.

  • Distributed and fault tolerant

    Triple replication; distributed across multiple servers and data center racks; built for high availability.

  • Manage storage separately from compute

    All storage volumes can be mounted by both containerized workloads as well as Virtual Servers, allowing the flexibility to change the underlying compute resources or method of deployment.

  • Easily scale storage capacity

    Quickly expand storage with capacity from 1GB into the petabyte (1000 TB) scale, and clone volumes instantly.

Get transparent Storage costs without paying for data transfer or egress.

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  • Block Storage

    $0.04 /GB per month
    • Throughput optimized
      Best for long term storage
  • File System Storage

    $0.07 /GB per month
    • IOPS and latency optimized
      Best for high performance
  • Object Storage

    $0.03 /GB per month
    • S3 SDK compatible
      No egress or access fees

CoreWeave Storage Solutions

  • Triple replicated servers and distributes across multiple servers and data center racks, offering high availability
  • Manage storage separately from compute
  • Interoperable with Containers and Virtual Servers
  • Up to 1PB Volume Sizes
  • 10MM+ IOPS per Volume

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