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UbiOps and CoreWeave Partner to Enable AI Productization at Scale

UbiOps and CoreWeave Partner to Enable AI Productization at Scale

How UbiOps, an AI platform, takes AI teams from experimentation to production at scale through a vertically integrated platform deployed on CoreWeave Cloud.

Buy versus build? This is the first question many AI teams ask themselves when considering where to house their AI models and projects. 

While building and maintaining your own AI infrastructure is alluring, maintenance is a never-ending process. Especially for those looking to productize at scale, it’s a cost- and time-consuming, non-linear process.

In AI, companies that want to break through can’t afford to have their wheels spinning. They need expert partners who can enable speed to market by handling the essential DevOps tasks and maintenance their data scientists don’t have the time or skills to do.

UbiOps was created to help AI teams do just that. 

A Vertically Integrated Platform for AI Practitioners

UbiOps, an Amsterdam-based AI serving and orchestration scale-up,  helps AI teams streamline the path to production at scale through a vertically integrated platform. Their unique solution combines AI workloads with an AI Orchestration Layer (with a single Control Plane).  That enables data scientists to seamlessly deploy, run, and manage  AI training and inference models and workflows in one place.

UbiOps built their integrated platform to solve many challenges AI practitioners face, from managing the orchestration of infrastructure to the high cost and low availability of resources. Some of these purpose-built features include a model catalog with version control, runtime management and logging, automated dynamic scaling with scale to zero, and a hybrid, multi-cloud, on-premise resource orchestration for infrastructure.

To bolster its available cloud resources and multi-cloud strategy, UbiOps partnered with CoreWeave, a specialized cloud provider purpose-built for AI use cases. As more companies look to quickly adopt AI, UbiOps is a valuable partner in CoreWeave's growing geographical footprint.

“UbiOps has done a great job keeping AI teams front and center in their solution. CoreWeave is excited to help power their platform and the future innovations that our joint customers will deploy on it.”

— Max Hjelm, SVP of Revenue at CoreWeave

Technically adept and performance-driven partners like CoreWeave are crucial to UbiOps’s go-to-market proposition. By connecting different compute clusters (on-premise, hybrid, multi-cloud) and prioritizing where workloads need to run, the AI Control Plane solves for cost optimization, data compliance, and availability.

AI Control Plane graphic provided by UbiOps; this is specific for CoreWeave.

From Experimentation to Productization—At the Speed of AI

The solutions from UbiOps solve a massive challenge for many AI teams. Only 53% of AI projects move to production, according to Gartner research.

Speed to market has never been more critical for AI companies. Those who can productize first will have a leg up on those stuck in experimentation. 

“In the last year, we’ve seen the introduction of impressive generative AI (GenAI) models and better data foundations. Today, the need is shifting from AI experimentation towards AI adoption. We are on the verge of mass market adoption—not just for large enterprises but for many organizations that want to implement AI.”

— Yannick Maltha, CEO at UbiOps

One way UbiOps helps its customers productize quickly is by leveraging the industry’s fastest and most flexible infrastructure. 

With UbiOps, teams can choose which cloud and on-premise environments to run their workloads, optimizing for costs, compliance, and resource availability. CoreWeave’s ultra-performant infrastructure delivers some of the best performance for AI workloads, giving UbiOps’ users a first-class environment for demanding AI projects.

“CoreWeave’s infrastructure is specifically built and designed for our users’ AI workloads.  The UbiOps team is thrilled with this collaboration with Coreweave. This partnership opens up a real game-changing era of innovation in the GenAI and LLM market. We combine our strengths and propositions to deliver unique services to our customers.  Need to take your AI to production much faster? Try this out!”

— Bart Schneider, CCO at UbiOps

Learn more about UbiOps on their website or reach out to their team to learn how UbiOps can help support your next project.

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