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Redesign Science: Accelerating Molecular Dynamic Simulation

Redesign Science: Accelerating Molecular Dynamic Simulation

How a Computational Chemistry Company was able to scale their batch processing platform by Right-Sizing their workloads and accessing GPUs at scale on-demand while reducing their associated cloud-spend by 84%.

Redesign Science is a Precision Medicine Computation Chemistry company that uses a proprietary molecular dynamic simulation process to reveal hidden druggable opportunities that fall outside the capability and scope of alternative computational models or experimental methods.  Their platform constructs highly accurate millisecond timescale protein motion models by running hundreds of thousands of atomic simulations to enable and accelerate early stage drug discovery for hard to drug protein targets.

Redesign Science partnered with CoreWeave early in their development to build the world’s leading early stage drug discovery platform. Access to burstable compute on the scale of tens of thousands of GPUs has allowed Redesign to generate models faster and more efficiently, both accelerating the turnaround and dramatically increasing the simulation timescale. By right-sizing their workloads across CoreWeave’s broad GPU selection, Redesign has been able to accrue cost savings of 84% on their relevant cloud spend. This allows Redesign to run more simulations - while saving both time and capital - to bring their results to market faster.

“CoreWeave is a critical component of our infrastructure. Their engineering team diligently worked with us on a bespoke solution to fit our burst and scale requirements for large scale molecular dynamics simulation. The pricing differential alone is instrumental in enabling us to execute proteome wide simulation.”

— Haotian Li - CTO of Redesign Science


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