Pixel Streaming
Pixel Streaming

Deliver fast, interactive real-time streaming experiences

Serve new users 35x faster at a fraction of the cost, without the burden of extensive resource planning or infrastructure overhead.

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Offering the industry’s fastest spin up times, auto scaling and lowest latency

Real-time streaming requires the flexibility to scale elastically. Whether you need to collaborate across a small team or power the Metaverse, CoreWeave provides access to the type and scale required to match the complexity of your experiences. The industry’s fastest spin-up times and responsive auto-scaling give you flexibility to meet your demand, on-demand whether you’re deploying in containers or Virtual Machines.

  • Pricing that empowers you to scale

    Compared to mega-cloud providers, CoreWeave reduces the per-user cost of Pixel Streaming by 68%, with GPU instances starting at $0.24/hr. The result? A cloud infrastructure that encourages scale rather than inhibiting it.

  • Unprecedented on-demand availability

    Quickly adapt to end-user demand in real time with our proprietary auto-scaling capabilities and low latency.

  • A better way to resource plan

    Call us crazy, but we don’t think you should have to spin-up GPUs hours in advance to make sure you have enough compute capacity to power your experiences. Scale up and down across thousands of GPUs in real time on a moment’s notice.

Flexible deployment options, designed to make Pixel Streaming more accessible

Whether you’re looking for something out-of-the-box or an environment in which you can flex your DevOps muscles, you can realize the benefits of CoreWeave Cloud while focusing on what you do best. Build our own Pixel Streaming infrastructure and deploy via CoreWeave’s Kubernetes or VirtualServer platforms, or leverage solutions from our best-in-class partners.

PureWeb + CoreWeave


We’ve partnered up with PureWeb, the leading platform for streaming interactive, web-based 3D content, to deliver a fully managed, end-to-end solution on top of CoreWeave Cloud.

“CoreWeave has built a highly specialized cloud powered by NVIDIA GPUs, and that level of specialization really shows. Everything about CoreWeave’s infrastructure and cloud services is focused on getting you access to wickedly powerful GPUs as fast as possible. By expanding the PureWeb platform onto CoreWeave, we’re able to deliver a level of rendering performance, time-to-first frame, and scale that was previously impossible.”
Chris Jarabek, VP of Product Development at PureWeb

TensorWorks’ Scalable Pixel Streaming + CoreWeave

TensorWorks brings an unmatched expertise in containerizing Unreal Engine and Pixel Streaming deployments. With Scalable Pixel Streaming (SPS), you benefit from optimized containerized deployments with the flexibility to apply customizations that meet your needs. Available now in CoreWeave’s Applications Catalog.

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The world’s best real-time streaming

  • Flexibility to deploy in containers or Virtual Machines, and the OS of your choosing
  • 6 NVIDIA GPU SKUs built for graphic intensive workloads, starting at $0.24/hr
  • Spin-up new GPU instances in as little as 5 seconds
  • No data transfer costs
  • Ultra-low latency in North America, reaching to Western Europe, East Asia and Australia

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