A modern infrastructure, built for compute-intensive workloads

CoreWeave is Kubernetes-native, designed to give you the performance advantages of bare-metal without the infrastructure overhead.

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One orchestration layer to rule them all

With all resources managed by a single orchestration layer, our clients take full advantage of increased portability, less overhead, and less management complexity compared to traditional VM-based deployments.

  • Blazing fast spin-up times. Responsive auto-scaling.

    Thanks to container image caching and specialized schedulers, your workload can be up and running in as little as 5 seconds.

  • Scale into the compute you need, elastically

    Access a massive amount of resources in the same cluster, instantly. Simply request the CPU cores and RAM you need, with an optional amount of GPUs, and you’re off to the races.

  • Fully managed Kubernetes, single control plane

    CoreWeave handles all of the control-plane infrastructure, cluster operations and platform integrations so you spend more time building products. With all resources available via Kubernetes, you get unmatched flexibility and performance with less infrastructure overhead.


Every compute-intensive workload benefits from Kubernetes

The most innovative advancements in technology work with containerized workloads, including inference serving, distributed training, batch simulations and rendering. 

  • Kubernetes for Inference

    Standards-based inference platform with industry-leading scalability

    Deploy inference with a single YAML. We support all popular ML Frameworks: TensorFlow, PyTorch, SKLearn, TensorRt, ONNX as well as custom serving implementations. Optimized for NLP with streaming responses and context aware load-balancing.

    Kubernetes for Distributed Training

    Industry standard architecture, designed to deliver the best possible performance

    We build our distributed training clusters with a rail-optimized design using NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand networking and in-network collections using NVIDIA SHARP to deliver the highest distributed training performance possible.

  • Kubernetes for Rendering

    Accelerate artist workflows by eliminating the render queue

    Leverage container auto-scaling in render managers - like Deadline - to go from a stand-still to rendering a full VFX pipeline in seconds.

    Kubernetes for Workflows

    Run thousands of GPUs for parallel computation

    Leverage powerful Kubernetes native workflow orchestration tools like Argo Workflows to run and manage the lifecycle of parallel processing pipelines for VFX rendering, health sciences simulations, financial analytics and more.

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