Machine Learning & AI
Machine Learning & AI

A modern cloud, purpose-built for cutting edge AI

CoreWeave Cloud empowers you to train, fine-tune, and serve models up to 35x faster with availability and economics that empower scale.

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Unparallelled performance for GPU-accelerated workloads

CoreWeave provides access to the industry’s broadest range of NVIDIA GPUs, so you can scale across the compute that meets the complexity of your workloads. Our Kubernetes-native infrastructure delivers lightning quick spin-up times, responsive auto-scaling, and modern networking architecture to ensure that performance scales with you.

  • Right-size your workloads

    No two models are the same, and neither are their compute requirements. With the industry’s broadest selection of GPUs, you can train, fine-tune and serve models faster and more efficiently.

  • Bare metal performance via Kubernetes

    Remove hypervisors from your stack by deploying containerized workloads. CoreWeave empowers you to realize the benefits of bare-metal without the burden of managing infrastructure.

  • Full stack machine learning expertise

    Machine Learning is in our DNA, and our infrastructure reflects it. Whether you’re training or deploying models, we built CoreWeave Cloud to reduce your set-up and improve performance.

Cutting edge machine learning and AI
applications run on CoreWeave

A scalable, on-demand infrastructure to train, fine-tune and serve models for any AI application, with a massive scale of highly-available GPU resources at your fingertips. Need support? Our clients often view our DevOps and infrastructure engineers as an extension of their own.

  • Inference Service

    Fastest spin up times and most responsive auto-scaling

    CoreWeave delivers the industry’s leading inference solution to help you serve models as efficiently as possible, with proprietary auto-scaling technology and spin up times in as little as 5 seconds. Data centers across the country minimize latency, and deliver superior performance for end users.

    Learn more about our Inference Service

    Inference Service
  • Model Training
    Model Training

    State of the art distributed training clusters

    We build our A100 distributed training clusters with a rail-optimized design using NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand networking and in-network collections using NVIDIA SHARP to deliver the highest distributed training performance possible.

  • Direct Kubernetes Access

    Realize the benefits of bare metal without having to manage the infrastructure

    We built CoreWeave Cloud with engineers in mind. GPUs are accessible by deploying containerized workloads via Kubernetes, for increased portability, less complexity and overall lower costs. Not a Kubernetes expert? We’re here to help.

    Direct Kubernetes Access

Case Studies
Zeet and CoreWeave Make It Simpler for AI Companies to Manage Kubernetes Infrastructure
Together, Zeet and CoreWeave help innovators, creators and engineers around the world focus intently on what they do well – build ground-breaking products and applications.
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CoreWeave Partners with EleutherAI & NovelAI to Make Open-Source AI More Accessible
EleutherAI’s GPT-NeoX-20B and GooseAI’s NLP-as-a-Service deliver a massive step forward for large language models on top of CoreWeave Cloud.
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CoreWeave and Bit192 Help GPT-NeoX-20B Reach Japan
See how CoreWeave’s cloud infrastructure service allows Bit192, Inc. to serve their current models, and build and test new ideas in NLP and image generation.
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