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How Generative AI Is Transforming the Entertainment Industry

How Generative AI Is Transforming the Entertainment Industry

As one of the most computationally intensive fields, the VFX industry is constantly looking to optimize their processes. As we experienced with cloud computing in areas like rendering to increase productivity, VFX is now turning to artificial intelligence for future projects. 

AI's ability to enhance human-technology interaction is evident. Generative AI specifically has been instrumental in boosting efficiency, cutting costs, and helping artists meet tight deadlines. Skeptics worry that AI tools like ChatGPT could threaten their livelihoods; but the truth is that generative AI in the VFX industry is not at all about replacing humans – it’s about increasing efficiency and decreasing production costs.

There are AI tools being built on top of CoreWeave right now that untether the individual from long hours spent on mundane tasks and allow the creative to focus on what they do best: create. 

Take motion capture, for example. Traditionally, the process of filming visual effects scenes has required wearing a bubble suit and creating the scene with a human, and then going through a multi-month process of replacing the individual with a CGI creature and editing it all together – and hopefully having the right shot without having to refilm. 

That’s all changed now with generative AI. Through training and inference with custom AI models, we can now swiftly generate multiple iterations of scenes, saving time and offering flexibility without the need for extensive reshoots. 

One of the major pain points we see with all of the studios we work with is short deadlines. If a studio can reduce the production time by weeks or even months using cloud-based AI, then artists can focus less on deadlines and costs, and more on their work.

 CoreWeave’s position as a more recent entrant into the cloud computing space allowed us to build our cloud with a state-of-the-art Kubernetes infrastructure that is tailor-made for AI-driven use cases.    

Cloud-based AI not only enhances productivity but also simplifies processes for artists. By offloading support to CoreWeave, studios can focus on rendering and other core competencies, freeing up time for creative endeavors. 

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