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CoreWeave Opens New Data Center in Las Vegas, Opening Specialized Cloud Capabilities for West Coast Firms

CoreWeave Opens New Data Center in Las Vegas, Opening Specialized Cloud Capabilities for West Coast Firms

What You Should Know: CoreWeave, the leading specialized cloud provider, has opened a cutting-edge new data center in Las Vegas.

Why it matters: With an expanded West Coast presence, firms across the country can now take advantage of CoreWeave’s low-latency virtual workstations, broad fleet of GPUs, and industry-leading pricing.


West Coast VFX studios and machine learning firms, get excited—CoreWeave has opened a cutting-edge new data center in Las Vegas.

By partnering with Switch’s Tier 5® data center in Las Vegas, CoreWeave’s expanded footprint is now able to deliver low-latency applications to the major metropolitan areas across North America, meeting the needs of the industry’s most compute intensive use cases, including VFX & Rendering, Machine Learning & AI, Batch Processing, and Pixel Streaming.

With the expansion of data centers into the West Coast, CoreWeave is investing heavily in expanding the footprint of the industry's most flexible cloud infrastructure, including North America’s largest deployment of NVIDIA A40 GPUs.

For VFX studios with a bi-coastal presence, this new data center gives your team the ability to centralize your production pipeline in the cloud. Strategically located near Southern California, Hollywood studios can now take advantage of the industry’s widest variety of GPUs purpose built for graphic-intensive workloads, with sub-3ms latency and unparalleled connectivity. No more maintaining multiple server rooms and pipelines for individual offices. That ultimately means significant increases in productivity, enhanced collaboration, and faster iteration times between offices across North America, while reducing capex in hardware and infrastructure.

“We’re always looking for ways to empower our clients to work smarter and faster, while producing even higher quality work,” says Brian Venturo, CTO at Coreweave. “This new capacity on the West Coast really changes the game for clients that have complex, demanding computing needs and require low-latency.”

Colocating in Switch’s Tier 5® data center augments CoreWeave’s existing network of Tier 1-4 facilities. By expanding our storage cluster to Las Vegas, we’ve added redundancy and elevated our security protocols for our clients while providing them with access to their data more readily.

"With CoreWeave launching in our Las Vegas Tier 5® Platinum exascale data center, we're gaining a unique partner. CoreWeave's commitment to maintaining the industry's most robust fleet of GPU compute provides an invaluable cloud infrastructure to businesses with high-performance computing needs on the west coast, particularly those in the Media & Entertainment industry. We're excited to support CoreWeave, and by extension their clients, in Switch's world-leading 100% green facilities." - Shawn Novak, EVP of Strategic Solutions

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